*** NEW Trade Zone ***


 November 8, 2012

 Dear Homesteader Dealer:

TECHNOLOGY: We have created a new tool on the quoting system. The tool is known as the “Trade Zone”. The trade zone allows you to list Homesteader products that are in your inventory and can be viewed only by other Homesteader dealers! The product must have been in your inventory for 6 months in order to be listed. The following are the steps to listing units:

  • Select the MARKET tab in the quote system
  • Select the SELL tab
  • Enter the last 8 digits of the VIN or the order number
  • The unit along with the details and your seller information will appear
  • Enter a selling price, notes and images if you have them
  • Select the SAVE tab at the bottom. Congratulations! You have listed an older unit for other dealers to assist you in selling.

This tool is designed to assist dealers that may have slow moving inventory offer it to a wider audience, and to give dealers immediate access to inventory that might otherwise be unavailable. The goal of the market is to enhance your sales and to assist in catching those random buyers you might have missed. Participation will be paramount to the success of the market. You can view your unsold inventory under the inventory tab and start listing today!

TELEVISION:  http://www.powerblocktv.com/player/show_player.php?ep_show=TK&ep_num=TK2012-15  The above link will take you to the show “Trucks” which airs on Saturday mornings on the SPIKE channel. “Trucks” is currently doing a special upgrade on an F150 with a 7X12 Challenger (712CT). The project is called “The Ultimate Work Truck and Trailer” and is part of their Put America Back to Work effort. The upgraded truck and trailer will be shown at the SEMA show and will be auctioned off on eBay. The auction starts November 12th. This is a great opportunity for customers to see our products and come looking for one of their own!

NEW OPTION: We are now offering by your request carpeted sidewalls. The carpet is 3 feet high. This is a product manufactured by “Bedrug” the world leader in carpeted truck beds. The price for this new option is: $10.00 per linear foot of trailer. This option should be popular with auto and motorcycle enthusiasts alike.

HOLIDAY: Our offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday November 22 and 23rd in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Have a Great and Safe Thanksgiving! Together we make a GREAT TEAM!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Anthony D. Mountain