Dump Trailer Improvements

We have recently revised our dump trailers to include, at no additional charge, a self locking latch. This improvement is aimed at enhancing the functionality and safety of the trailers. The new self-locking latch mechanism is specifically engineered to secure the rear swinging doors in an open position. When users open the doors of the dump trailer, the latch is designed to engage automatically. To activate this feature, one must fully open the door until the latch engages, signifying that the door is firmly locked open. This allows for secure loading and unloading without the worry of doors swinging shut unexpectedly.To close the doors, the user simply lifts the latch, disengaging the lock, which then allows the doors to be closed smoothly. This upgrade streamlines the process of operating the dump trailer and provides a safer, more reliable experience for the user. Watch the full video on our dump trailer page.